Camilla Barnard

London, Vereinigtes Königreich

Sculptor and illustrator Camilla Barnard was born in Brighton, England in 1990. She undertook her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Brighton, majoring in Materials Practice (Wood, Metal, Ceramics, and Plastics) and graduating in 2011. While there, she studied under ceramic artist Jacqui Chanarin and designer Patrick Letschka.

In January 2012, Barnard was invited by Designersblock to participate in the Interiors UK show in Birmingham. She has, since then, continued to collaborate with Designersblock, and works out of their studio in Hoxton, East London.

Barnard’s work focuses on one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces for installations, window displays, private collections, and galleries. She is best known for her wooden recreations of everyday objects such as tools, electronics, and white goods. Her clients include Anthropologie, DO.N.e,, GogoPhilip, Interiors Monthly, Interiors UK, L'ArcoBaleno, Paul Smith, Pitfield London, Sanitas Troesch, Southbank Centre, The Residence Gallery, and Tigerprint, among others.

Barnard lives and works in London.