Ateliers Marine Breynaert


The aesthetic vocabulary of Marine Breynaert’s luminary art is comprised of raw lines, industrial machined parts, combined with noble materials and high-quality craftsmanship know-how. She combines gold, marble, and riveting metal pieces to create demanding light compositions that borrow from architecture, industrial design, constructivism, and a revival of art deco. All the elements are sourced and worked in Europe, in collaboration with specialized craftsmen. The finishes are carried out at the studio in Fontainebleau. From the contrast between the delicacy of the materials and the raw lines of the industry, Marine Breynaert has combined her various heritages and original, empowering style to create her extraordinary and stunning collections. Her luminescent works of art are pure visual paradoxes between our industrial heritage and a sense of contemporary poetry. At the beginning of the creation of each object, there is research: upcycling on one hand, since the recovery of unused industrial parts was at the basis of her first creations; but also, the technical and almost scientific research required by the juxtaposition of certain elements. The lighting and decorative arts of Marine Breynaert draw on the rarity of yesterday: the days when there were few objects, made by hand, and which lasted a lifetime. The timelessness of the lines: the objects follow no fashion, no genre. There are no annual collections at Marine Breynaert: only the time of a good find, the nobility of the materials, and the complexity of their way.